R2E CONSEIL develops with its clients and candidates a real close relationship.

A global response to Your Needs

Your different trades

Our consultants are specialized by profession and are aware of your operational requirements:

- Computing – Telecom,
- Commercial – Marketing,
- Finance – Accounting

They intervene in those trades in multiple lines of business (industry, Software and Computing Services Companies “ESN”, software edition, market finance, insurances, mass distribution…).

Your Different Positions

Our organization, our methods and our tools enable us to apply to all your recruitments the precision and the quality of the hunts of high profiles.


Our Services

Recruitment Missions

R2E CONSEIL realizes recruitment missions or direct approach (commonly known as head hunting). The method we use to achieve your recruitment depends on your requirements and on requested profile (complexity of position to be filled or of the requested profile, remuneration…). Every achieved missions are tailor-made. During the recruitment process, we search, meet, qualify and choose the best candidates to offer you quality records which correspond to your requirements. All of our missions are accomplished for the sole purpose to meet the requirements of enterprises and candidates..


This service consists in setting up a close partnership with your company. The aim here is to work continuously and in the long term, in contrast to one-off recruitment missions. After having perfectly identified your needs, we carry out an ongoing mission of monitoring, direct approach and more widely prospecting in order to continuously present you high quality candidate files throughout the year. This service offers companies a great flexibility in the management of their recruitments and guarantees to obtain high quality and high potential candidates since the candidates presented result from a “continuous hunt”.


A Project Methodology

Our methodology allows you to follow in a transparent way the progress of our intervention:

1Analysis of the position and its environment

2Definition of the required profile

3Implementation of adapted research (direct approach, announcement, mixed)

4Selection of candidates and interviews

5Performance guarantee

6Return guarantee